Me {Bethabee Edition}

Monday, November 28, 2011

My girl Katy did this on her blog last week, and I thought, what the heck. I'm completely out of blog material, and I'm putting off packing to head back to Louisville tomorrow. Why not?

I'm weird because:

::I constantly play with my hair. I look stupid doing it, and it makes my hair frizzy... but I can't stop. Melvin, my maintenance supervisor, always yells at me about it and tells me I'm too stressed. I tell him it's because he makes my job stressful. :) But you know, some people shoot people when they're stressed -- I just play with my hair. It really could be a lot worse.

::I try my best to properly punctuate & capitalize in text messages. Don't even get me started on people who substitute "u" for "you" and other ridiculous abbrevs.

::I never take baths. Never ever. Only showers for this girl. Am I the only one?

::I try to keep the inside of my car really clean, but I could care less about the outside. I probably wash it once or twice a year. I figure -- it's just going to get messed up again. FAST. And it rains kind of frequently, so that washes the outside a bit, right? But the inside -- I hate when the inside is dirty. It just makes me sad.

I'm a bad friend because:

::I'm a homebody, and it prevents me from hanging out sometimes. [Stole that from you, Katy, but that's me to a T!]

::I never seem to get birthday cards/packages to their destination on time. They're always a few days late, minimum. Usually more. And speaking of birthdays, I just can't remember anyone's. Seriously, it's a miracle I remember Wes's. At the beginning of every year I write everyone's down on my large desk calendar at work. If I forget to write someone's on there, there's no chance I'll remember. And people with birthdays near the first of the month -- it's bad. I don't flip my calendar until the first, and then I realize I should've put a card in the mail three days ago... you get the picture. Maybe I need to put end-of-the-month "warnings" on my calendar this year. Okay, this is turning into a whole thing; sorry. Moving on.

::I'm always five minutes late if I'm meeting someone, picking them up, etc. This should be a new year's resolution of mine. I once heard someone say that being late is like saying you value your own time more than someone else's. Like you don't want to be there early and wait on them, so you'd rather them wait on you when you're not there when you said you'd be. I don't think that's what goes through my mind -- I think I just plan poorly -- but still. I want to get better about this.

::Well, apparently I'm a bad person, because I'm having a hard time coming up with four things that make me a bad friend! I'm sure there are tons more, though. Just don't leave comments telling me what they are, because then I'll be sad. But I kind of want to know... so go ahead. :)

I'm a good friend because:

::I try to be there in practical ways for people. Like helping friends clean/organize, by making meals when people are sick, by letting friends borrow my car, etc.

::I'm pretty dependable, I think. If I say I'll do something for you, I will.

::I try to be a generous friend... with time, money, belongings, etc. I want to be known for generosity & for holding personal belongings loosely -- the girl who would give you the shirt off her back, if you will. {Actually, I'd rather just give you money to buy a new one.}

::Well, maybe I'm not that terrible, because I can't think of a fourth point for this one, either.

I'm sad because:

::I don't want to go back to Louisville tomorrow. I know I have a ton of work waiting for me & a really crazy month ahead. I've loved our Thanksgiving vacation. It's been restful & fun.

::I don't want to start Weight Watchers again after this four-day break. Watching the scale go down is fun, but so is eating whatever I want!

::I miss my Grammy, and I've been thinking about all of the fun we had with her last Christmas. It's hard to believe she won't be around for this one.

::Speaking of Christmas, this is probably our last one in Louisville. I don't want to move! And I wish everyone around me would stop moving, too. That makes me sad as well.

I'm happy because:

::If we move, I will {hopefully} be able to get a puppy. I mean, really -- I have waited long enough!

::I do love the Christmas season, and I especially love my company at this time of year. It's crazy and busy, but it's so fun. And I'm soaking it all in as I think about the fact that this might be my last Christmas with these people!

::Wes is almost done with his SBTS career, which means he can stop censoring me, and I can say whatever I want! ;) {I'm just kidding. Well, I'm really not, actually.}

::I'm finally done with this post! :)


Meg Eldridge said...

This is a great post. All of the things you wrote about being a great friend were right on. You are an amazing friend and I am so grateful for you!

Meg Eldridge said...

One more comment. I always send you text messages that include misspellings and lowercase letters. I usually do think to proof after the message is sent knowing that you would never send me a message in such bad form. Now that I know you actually do get mad about it I feel even worse! Hope you'll forgive me!

katygirl said...

i never take a bath.
i never use caps.
i always abbrev.
you probably hate me.

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