Small Spaces

Friday, November 18, 2011

One of the top selling points about Village Manor is the huge kitchen the apartments offer. Ha! If you live at VM, you're laughing right now. The kitchens are tiny.

But honestly? I don't mind all that much. It's definitely an inconvenience, but it forces me to stay on top of things. Because if I don't, this happens:

Believe it or not, that's just from making a simple bowl of pasta. It's kind of silly, really. There's just no room! That's all of the counter space we have. The other side of the kitchen is just the stove & refrigerator.

But after 20 minutes on the clock [read: the microwave timer], I ended up with this.

Not bad! I even had a few minutes at the end to wipe the floor with a damp rag {that's my version of mopping, btw}. I like fast & simple chores!

Just so you know: Wes hates when I hang up my dishwashing gloves like that. I think it's a convenient place to dry them. He disagrees... but he's sleeping right now, so he can't stop me. I win!

But back to my point. No, a small kitchen isn't completely terrible. But someday, if I have a bigger kitchen? I won't complain. And if I have a dishwasher??? Well. That will just be icing on the cake. :)

Update: I painted my backsplash with this stencil from Jones Design Company. I traced it with chalk and painted it with a small paintbrush. It wasn't that difficult & I love the result!


Amanda said...

So I have to admit I read the first line and was like "Umm...what??!"

Then I read on and understood. How did you do your stenciled backsplash? I love it!!

Casey said...

LOVE your DIY backsplash! Gorgeous!

Beth said...

Your place is so cute! I love what you did for the backsplash!

Amanda said...

Oh my word Beth, is this post supposed to be a joke? Because it made me laugh! You made a bowl of pasta. Yes, your kitchen was such a mess. LOL I was wanting to kill our kitchen today (Thanksgiving). I was literally throwing used bowls and dishes on the floor when I was done, because I had no where else to put them. I was dropping bread crumbs from our stuffing down into the burners on the stove and all around the sides of the oven, a child was hanging on my legs, and the trash was overflowing even though we emptied it more than once today.

And your gloves hanging there are weird and creepy.


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