These Are Happy Holidays

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ok, so last year I put up almost no Christmas decorations. Seriously, I think scrounging up a red candle was all I managed. It was so sad!

This year I want things to be different. I'm already working on an advent calendar. Katie Bower is my inspiration:

Isn't that beautiful? I'm hoping to finish mine this weekend... fingers crossed. I feel like I haven't had a completed project to show you guys in forever!

I'm also planning on digging all of my Christmas stuff out of our storage unit this weekend and maybe even starting to decorate a bit. I didn't decorate last year because by the time I got around to it I knew it wasn't going to be worth the effort. We'd be traveling a lot & then it'd be time to take everything down. Lame, right?

But first things first -- let's not forget Thanksgiving! It's coming up, and I'm so looking forward to the down time with our families. My mom's traveling to Charleston for the weekend, which will be nice. I'm wondering if anyone will get up to go shopping with me on Black Friday. My guess is no. :) I don't have anything in particular in mind; I just think it's fun. {Although I just might splurge for a Shark Steam Mop -- they'll be around $35 at Target! I've always kind of wanted one, although it's hard to say if I'll actually use it or not.} I'll miss you this year, Casey!

The thing I'm not looking forward to about the holidays? All of the tasty treats that will be around to tempt me! I think I picked a terrible time to start weight watchers. :) Actually, though, it's probably a good thing -- it will keep me in line. At least I hope so!


Casey said...

Awww! I'll miss you this year too! Looking forward to seeing how your advent calendar turns out!

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