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Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh, hi again. It seems I suddenly got very bad at blogging. I'm not sure why that happened.

At any rate, here are ten random things from my side of the world:

1. I went in for my annual gynecological exam yesterday. I promise I'm telling you this for a reason. :) Overall, I have a fantastic doctor, but I have one small problem with her: she refuses to acknowledge the fertility awareness method [FAM] -- also known as natural family planning [NFP] -- as an acceptable, reliable form of birth control. She always calls it the rhythm method, which it is NOT! I'm certainly not a doctor, so I never argue with her. We just have this conversation every year:

Her: So you guys are still fine with the rhythm method?
Me: Well, not the rhythm method, but with natural family planning, yes.

Every. year.

It really bothers me. So I've decided that at the end of our time in Louisville {when I know I don't have to go back to her office -- yes, that's kind of passive aggressive -- no, I don't care} I'm going to write a letter and include some FAM/NFP literature. Actually, the book I'm reading about it talks a lot about this & includes a tear-out section for you to share with your medical provider, so I think I'll use that. In my mind, there are probably three main reasons that the medical community doesn't share natural forms of pregnancy control with women {women who are either abstaining from or trying to achieve pregnancy}:

1. They aren't educated about it [SAD!];
2. They genuinely believe it's not effective [because of #1];
3. There is a lot of money to be made in the world of birth control/from women who are trying to conceive.

I don't think my doctor is motivated by number three, but it would be stupid of me not to acknowledge that that's a real and present issue. I think she genuinely believes there's not a difference between NFP and the rhythm method. Hopefully she will read what I send and take it to heart!

2. Wow, I didn't realize I had so much to say about. I originally brought up my exam to say that I keep a chart on my phone of every "weigh in" I have at that doctor's office. Since we moved here in 2007, I've gained a solid 10 pounds. This visit, I was down three pounds. Woo hoo! I am headed in the right direction. :)

Wes was sensitive about my appointment, as men tend to be. They're not much fun. {But again, props to my doctor, because she is fast and nice and makes everything a lot easier.} BUT I think he thought it was hilarious/ridiculous that I was more nervous about stepping on the scale than anything else!

3. Tonight we are going out to our favorite local cuban restaurant with a childhood friend of mine with whom I've lost touch over the years. She'll be in town with her boyfriend & his two daughters. I'm really looking forward to it; it will be so great to catch up and meet the people who are near and dear to her. Also, this is the thing about weight watchers: going out to eat is always so exciting! It's such a treat. Plus, we usually end up going with people we love, which makes it even more fun.

4. Before dinner, I am going to get a pedicure with my friend Amanda. I can't wait. {Kirstin, I'm sorry, but now that you're gone I have to find substitutes. :) I know they will ask about you!}

5. Speaking of nails & polish, I'm considering getting a shellac manicure for Thanksgiving. Have you ever had that done? Here's my rant: I refuse to wear fake nails. I've never ever had them put on. They ruin your nails and are expensive to keep up. But my hands always look so pathetic! I clean so much [read: keep them in water so much] that they're always so dry. Plus my nails are thin and always break. PLUS, the cleaning I do makes it pointless to try to polish them, because I mess them up with days {usually hours, honestly}. But I saw a woman at the mall the other day with shellac polish on her nails, and she raved about it. The place where she goes charges $30 for a shellac manicure. They tell her to go every two weeks, but she goes every three. I don't know much about shellac, but it doesn't seem like it would hurt your nails as much as fake ones do. I might ask my salon about it. Hmm. As if I need to spend more money at Red Nails...!

6. Speaking of Red Nails, moving is becoming more and more of a reality to me. I say that because every year I buy a giant gift card for myself to Red Nails to last for the whole year. {They usually have a gift card promotion at Christmas that makes it worth it.} This year I'm realizing that I can't do that, because we probably won't be in Louisville for all of 2012. Omg.

7. Speaking of moving, earlier this week I freaked out about the thought of maybe moving to California. Do you know how expensive it is to move to California? Never mind live in California? How would I find a job in California? So I started blog stalking until I found a random guy who moved there to attend Fuller {the school Wes is looking at in Pasadena}. Then I found his wife's blog. Then I sent her a long, rambling email asking her a million questions about their apartment/how to afford living in CA/etc. Her name is Ashley; she was very nice to respond to my craziness. I feel like I have a pen pal now. :)

Then just last night Wes and I were talking about how maybe we'll end up at Asbury {in Kentucky!}. Then I realized, again, how stupid it is for me to even THINK about where we might end up, because it could be anywhere, and there's no point in worrying about it yet!

In terms of a timeline, Wes will start applying to schools any time {next week is his last week of classes at SBTS!!!}, but we won't hear anything until March/April of 2012. Just FYI.

8. Speaking of Fuller, I stumbled upon this blog post by President Mouw last night, and I just wanted to HUG him. Oh, how I can't wait to live in a land of fair-minded people! I will miss many things about Louisville. But I do have many things to look forward to if we end up somewhere else. :)

9. If we move, I am getting a PUPPY. You can file that under "things to look forward to."

10. I know it's improper to post wordy blogs without pictures. Sorry about that; I'll stop now. Maybe if I blogged more often this wouldn't happen?


Kelly Irene said...

Every single one of these made me smile. I'm glad you're going to try the shellac. I'm also glad you're sending the fertility info to your doctor. That book totally changed my view on things as well as helped us for four years with our "family planning". It just didn't warn me of the chaos ;) Speaking of fair warnings, next time you link to anything about Rob Bell, it should totally have a disclaimer. (kidding!)

KRISTIN said...

1. I'm also a fan of NFP. We've been using it for 8 months and love it.
2. I refuse to look at the scale at the Dr.'s office or allow the nurse to tell me how much I weight. For a long time, I refused to get on the scale at all!
5. Shellac is great, but you need to pay them to remove it so that it doesn't damage your nails. I've peeled mine off twice = ugly, brittle nails.
7. I so hope that we can live in the same location some day. :)
8. Yay! Rob Bell!
9. Puppies are THE BEST!!!

Kari said...

I love this post and all of your random updates. I would kill to live in CA, but of course getting a good job would be key, since it is pretty pricey. It's insane though, so pretty. BUT you lose the Southern charm we have here for sure, and I think I'd miss that. I know it's no shellac manicure, but ESSIE brand nail polish stays on insanely well. Better than OPI. If you go the home manicure route, it's definitely the best option. Well I love all of the updates, and your blog in general. :) Hope your weekend is swell! Let's hang out soon!

Anonymous said...

What a fun and wonderful dinner! It was so great to see you and Wes, and I really appreciated how much attention he paid to the girls (especially because I couldn't hear a word of what was happening down at that end of the table!!). We really enjoyed seeing you!!!!

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