Weight Watchers {Here We Go Again}

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well, I've officially been doing Weight Watchers [again] for a month. I've been trying not to talk about it much -- I always fail at diets, and it's embarrassing. But I want to commit to it for six months so I can really get a feel for if it's working or not, and I can't keep my mouth shut for that long!

This is going to be a wordy post; I can tell. Just warning you in case you're not interested. :)

Ok, so I like the new Points Plus system a LOT better than the old system already. I tried the old system a little over a year ago & stuck with it for the three months I paid in advance for... and then I quit. It was really hard, and, more importantly, it didn't seem manageable as a lifestyle change. Plus, I wasn't exercising consistently. I honestly don't remember seeing much of a change, if any, in weight loss. Maybe a few pounds. Nowhere even close to being worth the effort I put into it.

You can read more about the difference between the points (old) and points plus (new) system here, but basically all fruits and non-starchy vegetables are now zero points on the new plan, with other foods {mainly those with fats/simple carbs} having higher points attributed to them than they used to. So on the old plan, bananas were two points, and I only got around 21 per day. Two points was a lot! Now, they're zero points, and I get 29 per day. Yes, the points go by faster than they used to, but I'm being "rewarded," so to speak, by making healthier choices.

I am creeped out by some of the food WW makes & markets {seriously, the ingredients lists are a MILE long, and I can never pronounce everything on them!}, but that goes along with any diet. No one's making me eat anything that I don't want to. I'm trying to really stick to real foods in smaller quantities... although I must say I'm totally failing in the dessert department. WW makes dark-chocolate-raspberry ice-cream bars [2 points] that are phenomenal. {I didn't even look at the ingredient list... I don't want to know.} Bite-sized, 90-calorie Snicker ice-cream bars are only two points, so they have been a staple treat of choice for me, too.

I get 49 extra points per week to splurge, and that has been something I've had to look forward to each week. I try to use zero extra points Monday--Thursday and then have the entire 49 to spend over the weekend. So far I've gone out for a "big" meal once a week and then used the leftover for little treats here and there -- things I don't normally eat, like a mini bag of kettle chips [6 points!] or a pancake breakfast [with butter & syrup -- you don't want to know].

Last week we went to Olive Garden on Friday night with good friends -- I looked forward to it all week, both for the food and the company! My meal was approximately 40 points, and I planned it all before I left the house. {I'm thankful for restaurants that post their nutritional information online!} I had a salad, two breadsticks, and half of their chicken parmigiana, my favorite [with fettucini alfredo substituted for the marinara pasta and everything!]. I took the other half home [I put it in my glass to-go container as soon as they brought out the plate so I wouldn't be tempted] and ate it over two days so as to enjoy it but spread the points out.

I read this blog post before I signed up & really considered not doing WW again. Her criticism is fair, but I like I mentioned earlier -- no one's making me eat anything that I don't want to eat. The weirdest thing in my mind about WW is this -- what the heck are points? Why not just count calories or something normal [or something free]? I don't know, truthfully, but for now I just like the ease of the WW system. I figured it was worth a shot.

So that's my wordy diet post. I really do feel ridiculous -- I feel like I'm always trying diets & never actually succeeding! But in my defense, I have to say that

a) at least I'm trying something... right? and
b) I am exercising [running] 3x/week, and have been pretty consistently for a while, so I'm hoping that will become a habit, too. But if anyone in Louisville is reading this & wants to sign up for Zumba classes with me, I'd really love to. I just don't want to do it alone!

Let me end this post by saying that my dear friend Stephanie is my inspiration. She encouraged me to sign up for WW again and has blazed the trail. You look fabulous, Stephanie! Thank you for encouraging me and setting a great example! :)

I'll keep you posted on this journey....


Stephanie said...

Way to go, Beth!! Isn't Points Plus great? I also like it so much better than the old plan and consistently find myself making healthier choices on it. Keep your eye on the prize--you've got this! :)

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