BEST Pole Dance Ever {Yes, I'm Serious}

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A fairly conservative friend of mine posted this on facebook, so I decided to watch it. And you guys, it is AMAZING. You'll thank me for advising you to watch this pole-dancing video; I promise. It starts off slow, and it's kind of long, but you really need to watch the whole thing. I can't imagine having that much control over my body.

Seriously... my mouth hangs open almost every time. Incredible!

And on an unrelated note {I mean, what is really related to pole dancing in my world?}: I am for real going to take pictures of my advent calendar soon. If I say that enough, I'll actually take the pictures & share them, right? I really mean it. This week. :) I know I care about it more than you do. But it's so pretty! I think you'll love it.


Amanda said...

Crazy! I slid down the firefighter pole at the playground a couple years ago and was sore for a few days. LOL

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