Missing Alice

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well, my new advent calendar received 21 ornaments, and then it came time to travel. We drove to Charleston yesterday afternoon and are now in Morgantown. Thursday & Friday here, Saturday & Sunday in Charleston, and back to Louisville on Monday. A quick Christmas trip {especially compared to the two weeks we were able to be home last year!}, but I'm grateful all the same.

Last year was a Christmas I'll never forget. We took Grammy up to Wes's Nana's home & we {his family, my mom, and Grammy} had dinner together. We sang Christmas carols and opened presents and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. Grammy actually took a nap in Nana's bed when she became tired. She didn't want to leave when the night was over, and I didn't want to make her! Nana would've loved the celebration. It was amazing.

Now Grammy and Nana are both gone, and I'm in Morgantown for the first time since June when Grammy died. It is surreal. I almost used to dread coming here, in a way, because it was always so busy. We tried to spend tons of time with Grammy, to make time for college friends, to spend time with my mom, etc. Now my mom {and my dad} are really all that's left for us here -- well, at least during the holidays when a lot of people are out of town. In some ways I'm glad. It's kind of nice to not have every moment consumed.

But truthfully? I'd give anything to be racing back and forth between here and Sundale... to see my precious Grammy again and spend one more Christmas together. I miss you, beautiful Alice. I love you more than I can say.


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sweet post, beth.

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