Progressive Dinner

Saturday, December 31, 2011

On Friday night we had a progressive dinner with our hallway... and by that I mean the neighbors in our hallway. We had a great time! Appetizers at John & Jessica's {a yummy salad & a cheese/cracker tray}, dinner at Joshua & Meredith's {chicken divan} and dessert at our place.

For the occasion we made Anthony Bourdain's chocolate mousse, garnished with mint, and layered apple "pies" from Dashing Dish. Yum!

Everything was delightful -- both food and company. We love our neighbors! {But we miss you, Fred & Ethel!}

If we move, we're really going to miss this place. The Village Manor community is so fantastic. There's really nothing like it. And as the property manager it's humbling to know that I have no control over it -- I just sit back & watch it happen: people serving people, life-long friendships being formed... it's so great. I'm thankful!


Kari said...

Those both look amazing. The mint on top is beautiful ;)

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