Sunday Fun[ny] Day

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today has been a funny day. Let's review.

Wait. First, let me say this: I'm blaming it on the nap I took on Saturday afternoon. Naps and I do not mix. Because of the nap, I wasn't tired at night & didn't go to bed until like 1 a.m. {note: this is extremely late for me!}. I woke up this morning at 8 a.m. when Wes left for church. Not enough sleep for this girl.

I went to the later service at church {Wes was training our friend on PPT & had to be there for both} and then we went out to lunch with said friend and his wife. We went to a local pizza/pasta shop not far from our apartment. We told them that we had gift cards {given by a gracious tenant -- how sweet!} and that we would pay for their meal. We ordered a LOT of food. When we got the bill & provided the gift cards, we discovered they were for a different restaurant with a somewhat similar name. No affiliation. Whoops! That was an expensive lunch.

Later, Meg and I ventured out into the pouring rain to go to Hobby Lobby. On Sunday. Yep, they're closed on Sundays. Yep, I knew that.

Finally, at Target, I purchased several things I don't need immediately so I could get a free $5 gift card with a $50 purchase. At the register I discovered that coupon expired yesterday. Right.

Basically, I failed at today. I hope tomorrow is better. :)

PS: My advent calendar is done & I can't wait to share it with you. Hopefully, you know, before advent is over. I just need to take pictures!


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