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Monday, January 2, 2012

I have friends in so many places. Friends in California, friends in Arizona. Friends in Michigan, in Colorado, in Texas, in West Virginia. I even have friends in Africa {two, currently!}, and friends in Afghanistan. It's been sad to watch these friends go, but I'm especially grateful for far-away friends with blogs {and for those who send regular email updates}. It makes me feel like they're not so far away.

I soak in their updates, eager to know what's going on in their lives. It occurred to me today that maybe people do the same thing with me. I don't always post a lot about our day-to-day lives, because really, they're not all that exciting. Go to work, go to school, come home. Work out, make/eat dinner, do laundry, clean all the things, go to bed. Do it all over again. Who wants to read about that?

But then I realize -- it's mundane for me because I see it day in and day out. But for those of you who are far away from us... maybe you'd like to know what's going on in our lives. More than the occasional recipe or beautiful house renovation I love.

So here's to random, boring?, life-living updates. Five things you should know about us these days:

1. I love the Butterfly Garden Café. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Louisville. I bought myself a cookbook as a late Christmas present... I can't wait to try it out! And by that, I mean that I can't wait for Wes to make some of the recipes for me! ;)

2. Beside a few of our cookbooks {in the picture above} is a baggie of plastic bottle caps from coca-cola products. I am a member of my coke rewards. If you don't want your codes (from 12-packs or bottle caps), I would love them. :) Thanks to my momma for this baggie full at Christmas!

3. Hubs has officially submitted all of his applications for PhD programs. The four schools are: University of Texas, Asbury Seminary, Fuller Seminary, Brandeis University. Now we wait. I vacillate between dread & wonder as I think about where this next stage of our lives will take us.

4. Settlers of Catan is one of the only board games I enjoy. We played it with our neighbors to pass the time on new year's eve. It was fun, but there was an intense theological discussion going on at the same time, which distracted everyone -- thus making the game drag on for 2802822839 hours. I tell ya, we know how to have a party!

5. We have to start taking Christmas decorations down at work tomorrow, and I really don't want to. Not because I want to extend the Christmas cheer... but because it's getting cold outside & we have tons of outdoor decorations. :(

I wonder what my excuse is for not taking things down in our apartment yet? Let's be honest: I'm just lazy.

Ok. We're having our dear friends Meg & CT over for dinner tonight, and I'm a hot mess. House is a wreck, I haven't showered, etc. This four-day weekend has been amazing; I'm not ready for it to end! Hope you enjoyed this random update. Over & out.


Meredith said...

I need to come over for a tutorial on the camera focus! And for another "light" game of Settlers! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, you may think your life is boring, but it appears to be filled with good friends, a good marriage and perhaps some interesting Theology :>)

*kirstin* said...

More updates please! :)

Amanda said...

I like this post!

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