Say Yes To Carrots

Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Thursday I made a little comment on facebook about my morning snack:

On Friday, my neighbor greeted me with these:

Too funny! {They're actually good!}

Speaking of food: I'm gearing up for six more weeks of weight watchers, starting tomorrow. I lost six pounds the last time I committed to six weeks, and I've kept it off. I'm ready to do that again! I know it's going to be rough to get back on the diet train, but once the scale starts dropping again, I'm sure I'll be motivated. The scale has stayed pretty much the same for the past month or so, and I know the numbers aren't going to magically get lower on their own. {If only!}

I've been attending Zumba & weight-training classes pretty faithfully, but I haven't been running. It's too cold, and I just don't like the track. {At the Seminary, twelve laps = a mile. Twelve. It's terrible.} I can't wait for warmer weather so I can hit the pavement at least once a week in between classes. It's been too long!

Did you make exercise an official 2012 resolution? I suppose I did -- I didn't really create set-in-stone resolutions, but I did have some goals in mind, and that was on the list. Here's to hoping I {we?} keep it up!

PS: My post title comes from a product line I saw at Target today. Have you tried anything from it? It looks fun!


*kirstin* said...

I made a sort-of exercise goal but can't start for a few more weeks. Glad you are enjoying zumba so much! :)

Casey said...

I started my workout routine in Decemeber -trying to combat those holiday lbs! lol! My motivation/goal is our beach trip in June! haha!

I love "Yes to Carrots" body butter...I think Alicia uses their hair products. Make sure you smell it first before you go and buy it (I think Target has testers you can try) because it doesn't smell like you'd think it would :) And wait for a sale! It's expensive!

Amanda said...

Did you measure your arms, legs, waist, etc. before starting your Zumba and weight training? I bet you have lost inches and it's just not showing on the scale, because you look great! Take pictures too. I'm sure you've heard those tips, but it really has helped me before, because I don't lose a lot of weight (I'm pretty small you know, lol).

Kari said...

I LOVE the Yes to brand and use a lot of their stuff. Currently using Yes to Cucumbers as my daily moisturizer. We sell it at Zappos so I get 40% off, which is great!

I also love veggie chips! TJs has them and the Whole Foods brand is very good as well. Have you ever tried dried veggies? Like over in the dried fruit section? The green beans are yummy. Sounds strange but they are salty and delicious.

And you are doing GREAT with the Zumba! I love seeing your FB posts about it. I am excited for warmer weather too so you can run with me! You should sign up for a 5K or 10K in late Spring or early Summer. I'll run it with you! Huber's has a 10K every June that is so fun to run because it's beautiful scenery the entire time. Wanna do it?! :)

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