Six Months & Done!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Over the weekend I finally finished a project I started... oh, I don't know... a few months ago. I posted about my little gallery project in August & gave a sneak peak in September. Soo... six months ago. Wow, that's embarrassing! I'm s l o w.

So yes, I'm terrible about taking before pictures, but here's what one of my living room walls now looks like:

I'm so pleased with how it turned out! {Oh, and pay attention to that pillow with the Eames chair on it. More on that in a later post.}

I made a little change to the other side of the room, too... can you tell?

The frames are just a little closer together. Three inches closer, if you're dying to know. I liked the wide spacing before, but with the closely-spaced gallery on the opposite wall, it looked strange. Oh, and if you're one of those people who is good at the "Can you spot the difference?" pictures, you probably noticed that I forgot to put the remotes in their little box for the "after" picture. Oops!

And there's one more difference, but it's very hard to see in the above pictures -- I got a new print from my dear MIL for Christmas!

The one on the left is one I wished for and received from a kind {anonymous} friend three years ago. [It still bothers me that I don't know who was so thoughtful!] The one on the right I wished for & received from my dear MIL for Christmas this year. It's from the same company & is the same quote, just with a fresh new look. I love them both, but I am especially loving the pink & the cursive of the new print. One day I hope to hang them side by side, but for now, I just have room for one.

Funny story {you know, because this post isn't long enough}: my MIL ordered the print & had it shipped to my FIL's office, but apparently she forgot to tell him it was coming. It didn't arrive in time for Christmas, so I was told she would be bringing a belated Christmas present with her when they came to Louisville for Wes's birthday. The night they came, Brad {FIL} was standing in the living room looking at our frames when his face lit up. And this is the conversation that ensued:

FIL: Oh! I have something I think you'd love! I forgot it at the office. It looks like something you'd like, though.
Me: Really? What is it?
FIL: It's art, I think. It has words on it. A quote.
FIL: Yeah. I have no idea where it came from. I almost threw it away. And then I thought about giving it to my secretary. But I think Beth would really like it.
MIL: WHAT? {Frantically looking for her computer, pulling up the print on a website} Is this it???
FIL: Yeah! That's it. What is it?
FIL: No... what is it?
MIL: It's her Christmas present!

Haha! I love that story. It's so fantastic. So now I think of my dear MIL and FIL when I look at it... and I think about my kind anonymous friend, too... and I smile. :)

So yeah. Just a few little changes around here... nothing too crazy. I wish I had finished all of this like five months ago! But now that it's done I can plan another project, right? The only question is: will I finish it before we {if we} move?!


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