Wednesday Five

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Five things for you on a Wednesday:

1. Hubs made this for dinner tonight, and it is so good! He said it was easy to make, too. Even better.

{Photo credit: Gina at Skinnytaste, one of my favorite recipe blogs!}

2. The outlaws are coming to the 'ville this weekend for hubs's birthday. It's hard to believe it's been a year since they've been to Louisville to visit! We are looking forward to it. I may gain five pounds while they're here {gotta take them to all the good spots!}, but it should be worth it! Speaking of good spots, we're planning to go to Le Gallo Rosso for Wes's birthday dinner -- a cute little Italian restaurant on Bardstown Road. We stumbled upon it by purchasing a random LivingSocial deal several months ago & really enjoyed it!

3. I really do love Zumba. And no, we don't use shake weights. {My friend Stephen loves Crossfit, so he shared that video on my facebook wall recently. I have to admit, it's pretty funny.} I love that it's FUN, and I love the diversity of the people who attend my studio. I wish I would've found Charizya sooner!

4. Hopefully by the end of this week I will finally be able to show you pictures of my new little gallery wall in our living room. And by little I mean, you know, like six picture frames. That's ok; it's super cute. And yes, it's the same area I blogged about four months ago. I've struggled with motivation, clearly!

5. Speaking of motivation -- I'm just in that weird stage of life where I don't know what's going to happen next. There are things I want to do {read: things I want to reorganize/redecorate}, but I just don't know if they're worth doing if we're moving in six months... you know? But at the same time, isn't that a terrible way to live? Not doing things because you can't predict tomorrow {who can!}? Sigh. The uncertainty just may be the death of me.

Ok, ok. That's not true. But it kind of feels that way sometimes!

What will my life be like in six months? Where will we be living? Who will our friends be? Where will I be working? Does a PhD have to spell financial ruin? Will I still be able to afford pedicures?! Will I have a puppy? Will we be happy? Where will we end up next?


Kari said...

I love that the question of pedicures and puppies is on your list. :)

Going to try that soup recipe too! I've been looking for a crockpot soup recipe to eat leftovers off of for a few days. Perfect!

Enjoy your weekend!

Jodi said...


I love when you share your recipes. I usually try them and love them too. Skinnytaste is a new favorite around here too!

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