{Wordy!} Health & Fitness Update

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Okay, so I think I'm done with weight watchers -- officially, that is. I did it hard core for six weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. I lost five pounds. Somehow, even in the midst of abandoning it and eating horribly over the holidays, I've kept those five pounds off. I still want to lose more {five to ten more} but I think I may have lost the motivation to precisely measure every bite I take. Sad, but true.

That said, I think I'm going to purchase a WW points calculator on eBay instead of continuing to pay $18/month for a service I'm not dedicated to using. I'm going to continue to weigh myself every Wednesday & chart it in excel -- and also chart in excel most of what I'm eating. I know that I get 26 points per day, and most meals I'll be able to track without a problem. I'll still {have Wes} make WW recipes [there are so many great WW recipe blogs out there!] and snack frequently on healthy things. And if all else fails, I can always admit defeat and rejoin, right?

I really am trying to get back in the habit of eating healthier now that the holidays are over, and so far, it's going pretty well. But for fun {and to show you that I completely fail some days}, would you like to know what I had to eat on Saturday? Oh dear. I started off okay at breakfast, but then? FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. All day long.

-1/2 a protein bar
{starting off well...}

-1/2 of my chicken parmigana leftovers from our dinner out on Friday night
{fried chicken, cheese, and pasta in alfredo sauce}
-The rest of my peanut-butter-ice-cream pie
{um, yes -- self explanatory, really}

-Auntie Anne's pretzel bites
{these are soaked in butter}
-Small McDonald's french fries
{again with the self explanatory...}

-The other 1/2 of my chicken parmigana leftovers
-Another banana
{heyy! something mildly healthy!}

-Low-fat microwavable kettle corn
{could be worse, I suppose}

Not doing so hot, huh?! Oh well. We all have days like this, right? The good news is that I felt pretty crappy -- way too many carbs & way too much butter/grease. Yuck. {I say "good news," because hopefully feeling that way will keep me from having days like that too often!}

As far as exercise goes, I'm proud of myself for maintaining a 3x/week exercise schedule, even during the holidays! I was primarily running for quite a while, but recently I've started going to a Zumba studio near my house: Charizya Fitness. I bought a "punch card" for twenty classes in December for only $70 -- $3.50 per class. Such a great deal, yes? Jessica, one of the leaders, is my favorite. She has so much energy! She makes me laugh the entire time. There's a decent amount of diversity in the people who attend, too, which makes it even more fun. The classes are 45 minutes & they fly by.

Tentatively, I think I'm going to do Zumba on Wednesdays and Saturdays and their Total Body Blast class on Mondays and Saturdays. I'm still going to run on Fridays. I ran this past Friday at Seneca park when it was a very random 60+ degrees in Louisville, and it was so great. But really -- that just makes me think there's something very wrong with the world -- sixty in January in Kentucky?! Still, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't loving the warmer weather. I hate running on a track/treadmill, so I can't wait for spring!

So yes, four days/week for exercise is my goal. Fingers crossed that I keep it up!

I bought a size six jeans from Target a few months ago as a goal {I wear a size eight, typically}. I tried them on tonight -- they fit, but they're a good bit tighter than I typically wear jeans. However, my eights are pretty baggy. I think after five more pounds the sixes should fit great! Motivation....

I never, ever thought I'd be one to be even slightly focused on health/fitness. It's kind of crazy that this is happening to me. But I enjoy how I feel after I exercise, and I know I'm doing something good for my body besides just losing weight. And never fear -- I still totally enjoy being lazy & eating terrible foods, so I haven't changed that much. :) Now I just don't have to feel quite as guilty when I have those days!

Ok, before I quit talking {wow, wordy post!}, I'll share a funny story from Zumba on Saturday. My friend Maggie came with me, and before class Jessica was talking with us & chatting about the Zumba moves, etc. This conversation ensued:

Jessica: You know, it's basically a lot of moves you use in the club all the time anyway.
Maggie: Um, I actually don't make it out to the club all that often.

Maybe you had to be there... but it was pretty awesome.


Amanda said...

Maggie! I love her, and I wish I could see her say that.

Good job, Beth! I think you'll do great!

And, I think the worst thing you ate was probably that chicken parmigiana. Yikes. I'd save that kind of caloric intake for dessert!

Are you "allowed" to eat protein bars? I know that's a common thing people think are healthy but usually you gotta work out a ton to work off those calories ("energy"). But I'm sure you know all about that stuff.

Emmie Beth said...

I've been using myfitnesspal.com to track everything and it's free! It kind of reminds me of WW in the tracking.

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