Direct Sales Love {Say What?}

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Although I don't love direct-sales companies {even though I participate in one!}, I found myself making three purchases recently from sales parties. Strange how that happens!

First I bought four travel-sized Norwex Enviro Cloths when my friend Janell had a Norwex party. If you've never heard of Norwex, it's a company that aims to "improve the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning." Right up my alley! A year or so ago I purchased a regular-sized Enviro Cloth & a special window-cleaning cloth after reading a glowing review about them. It was a pricey purchase, but I really loved the results I got. I never buy products like Windex or Endust anymore -- all I need is water and these magic little cloths. The travel-sized ones are great! I've been using them constantly since I purchased them.

Then I bought a Scentsy bar when my friend Lauren had a party. I've heard a lot about Scentsy, but have never purchased anything or been to any parties. There were a ton of scents to choose from, but I landed on Sugar Cookie. If you know me at all, that is not surprising. :) To be totally honest, I found all of the warmers to be really hideous, so I couldn't bring myself to purchase one {especially not for $30!}. Then a friend told me that she uses a really generic warmer from Walgreens that heats via a tealight candle. Interestingly enough, I found a warmer like that in closet at work, so I stole borrowed it, and it works like a charm! It's ugly and blue and has a flower where the light from the candle shines through... it's awful. But it works for now, and it was free! I'll spare you a picture of it {trust me}. A funny thing about it, though, is that one of Scentsy's selling points is that their warmers are much safer than candles. Oh well! The bigger selling point to me is that one $5 bar produces 60+ hours of scent. Not too shabby for $5, right?

And finally, I bought Pampered Chef's one-cup prep bowl set. I have been wanting these prep bowls for a while, and a friend of mine sells PC, so I purchased them from her when she was submitting orders for a party. I love them. They're especially great for trying to eat healthier -- it seems that I'm always measuring out a cup of soup, a cup of strawberries, a cup of whatever -- and since these bowls are exactly one cup, I can just put a lid on them and not dirty my measuring cup! Plus, I like the look of the glass & clean white lid. I wish I would've bought them a long time ago.

Actually, if I were ever to host a direct-sales party {note: this is not likely to happen!}, it would be Pampered Chef. I like their products, but they're expensive! Hosting a party is obviously the best way to get discounted products. But because I hate guilt-based buying, I will probably never do it. It also bothers me to know that products are overpriced and that, as a hostess, you can get them at a discount by having others buy them at full price... I'm really not cut out for direct sales; can you tell?? Maybe I would feel differently if I was in a stage of life when everyone I know isn't on such a strict budget. That's probably a big part of it.

Anyway. I'm quite pleased with all three of my purchases. Do you have a favorite DSC or product? Or do you share in my discomfort about sales parties? Do tell. Oh -- and if you ever want to buy anything from Mary Kay, let me know. ;)


Amanda said...

I am so with you on all this stuff! But I really did want to go to the Norwex party and buy something. It looks totally worth the money. I hate using chemicals. If you can ever go to a Shaklee party, I highly recommend that too. But I don't like Pampered Chef...or their parties. I just laugh the whole time at how everyone oohs and ahhs over everything! It's hilarious.

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