Ten & Five {Weekend Recap}

Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 Things I accomplished this weekend
Accompanied by more information than you probably cared to know

1. Doing Laundry
It never ends, even with just the two of us. I'm not sure how people with kids keep up.

2. Dusting & vacuuming our dining room, living room, and bedroom
Roomba may vacuum on his own, but you do have to clear everything out of his way. And clean out his brushes & dust bin afterward. So it's not as easy as it sounds, but he's still pretty wonderful.

3. Finishing our taxes
Our federal taxes were easy enough. It took me a while, but I sorted out how Turbo Tax calculated our itemized deductions for our state return & I can now file it via mail. I will not pay $30 to e-file, thankyouverymuch. Our tax return is going straight into a savings account for moving expenses {just in case}. Do you know how expensive it is to move? I am beginning to figure it out... it's a really depressing way to spend thousands of dollars, in my opinion.

4. Getting a pedicure
On Saturday Wes went to see Anthony Bourdain & Eric Ripert downtown while I got a pedicure. We both enjoyed ourselves tremendously. :)

5. Scrubbing the shower/cleaning the bathroom
I am grateful for a small bathroom: 20 minutes & I'm done. I've recently discovered that scrubbing the shower every two weeks & cleaning out the bathtub with a magic eraser every week is a good schedule to keep. If you don't use a magic eraser to clean your bathtub -- why not?! It's so easy & just dissolves soap scum. It really is magic.

6. Eating a cinnabon
This happened after my pedicure on Saturday night. I finished after the mall closed & was sad that I had missed out on an opportunity to eat a cinnabon. I haven' t had one in a long time. But lo & behold, a nice young man {who may or may not have thought I was cute} sold me one anyway. He even put extra icing on it. Wes was amused that I flirted my way into an after-hours cinnabon purchase. Whatever works, friends -- especially when it comes to extra icing!

7. Flipping our mattress/changing our sheets
I love fresh sheets. L-o-v-e. I change my sheets once a week. I used to change them once a month. How often do you change yours? In other news, I have five sets of sheets, including one flannel set. When people find this out, they react like that's a lot. Is that a lot? Oh, and in case you're wondering -- and in case I haven't said this before, which I think I have -- this is my absolute favorite set ever. Thank you, bestie, for introducing me to them -- they're so soft & wonderful.

8. Going to Zumba twice
I have been going to Zumba four to five times a week for two months now. I love it! I am looking forward to warmer weather, though, so I can start running again & put that in the mix. I've lost ten pounds; ten more to go!

9. Having lunch with friends
We ended up at Red Robin on Saturday afternoon because the wait at the Cheesecake Factory was too long. I'm not a huge Red Robin fan, but it was fun nonetheless. I didn't even think about there being a wait at CF {stupid, I know}. Side note: Wes & I tried to go to a late lunch after church today at CF & there was a half-hour wait. At 2 p.m! I give up. I guess we're not going there without reservations!

10. Catching up on blogs & reading {and, of course, Ally McBeal}
I added a new "religious" blog to my google reader this weekend; I don't know why it's taken me so long. I generally always love what Alise writes. I'm trying to get into Barbara Kingsolver's most recent novel that Wes bought me two years ago for my birthday; I'm having a hard time. I love BK, though, so I'm still trying... but I'm not sure how much longer before I just shelve it. I hate leaving books half read, though. But apparently I'm not the only one who feels like it's missing something.

5 Things I didn't accomplish this weekend
Accompanied by thoughts & excuses

1. Touch-up painting our kitchen cabinets
This was last on my to-do list, and I didn't get to it. Maybe next weekend?

2. Sewing
I'm scared of my machine... there, I said it. I just need to try! Next weekend, I promise. Right after I touch up my kitchen cabinets....

3. Eating well
If I really want to lose ten more pounds, I need to get it together on the weekends. This weekend I ate at Bluegrass Burgers, Red Robin, and BW3. Oh, and I had a cookie from Whole Foods and a cinnabon! Gosh. It sounds so much worse when I say {type} it out loud. I need to eat more lettuce. And drink more water.

4. Figuring out what I believe about homosexuality
This one probably seems random, but it was the topic of our church's sermon this Sunday and a q&a afterward. I'm with Rachel on this one: I just don't know. If {Christians have} this one wrong, she rightfully points out, the implications are staggering.

5. Taking any pictures to include in this blog post
That's a lie -- check out this shot of Wes's second attempt at beef bourguignon. He is becoming quite the chef!


Ashley said...

Three. :)

1. I've never been really impressed with the magic erasers. I've bought them several times and always felt like they disintegrate too quickly. Not worth the money, in my opinion. :)

2. We have one set of sheets, and we try to wash them every two weeks. And yes, I LOVE that set. They really are wonderful ... and they get softer the more you wash them (or seem to, anyway). Also, we only do laundry one day a week, and we average 3 loads.

3. It's so funny that you can't make it through the latest BK novel. I usually *love* anything that John Irving writes, but his latest also missed the mark, and I didn't finish it. I don't like leaving books unread, but I realized that there are so many books out there I want to read, it's not worth it to waste my time if I'm really not feeling it!

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