California Boys

Thursday, March 1, 2012

They're unforgettable, as the pop song goes {well, kind of}.

So Wes got a large package in the mail yesterday from a wine distributer. Oh dear, I thought. Hubs is resorting to mail-order liquor. This is not good.

I brought it home, and Wes had no idea what it was. {Likely story.} He pulled a nice bottle of single-malt scotch out of the box. I pulled out a note:

Sweet Casey. He's referring, of course, to Wes's acceptance to Fuller... a mere 45 minutes from Fred & Ethel's home. But does he really think we can be bribed with scotch to move across the country?

Good scotch, Wes interjects. Good scotch.

Apparently bribing is not out of the question.

The flowers in the first picture are from my office, by the way. I just thought they looked nice as I was taking the picture. Too bad they weren't from Casey, too... that just may have sealed the deal! ;)


Amanda said...

Ugh, scotch! Gross! Wes does look like a scotch drinker though, lol. If he was 40 years older :)

Beth said...

hahahaha that is so funny!!! Nice touch Casey I might add :)

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