Thursday, March 8, 2012

This picture makes me smile for a few reasons.

1. A former boss of mine, Ramsey, used to call still calls me "BW" {my maiden name is Willis}. I loved working for Ramsey. It was my first administrative position -- when he hired me in 2006, I was waiting tables, desperate to get out of the food industry. I knew I had administrative potential, but it's hard to find a job without experience. I worked for him for one year before I got married and moved to Kentucky; at the time, he was the State Manager for Aflac in West Virginia. I loved the company, the job, and my boss. It was a great year.

2. The letters aren't just for me, you know. Besides my nickname, the letters are also the first letters of each of our names: Beth and Wesley. Aww.

3. That set of Karl Barth commentaries is the closest I'm ever going to get to color-coded bookshelves. {Sigh}

4. See how the W is kind of in front of the B? Or at least further out? I like it that way aesthetically, but I also arranged it that way a while back as a subtle reference to the fact that Wes was the prominent one -- the head of our marriage. You see, for a long time I was a very conservative complementarian. So was Wes. I mean, just read our wedding vows. If we were to redo our vows today, they would not read that way, as we are both decidedly egalitarian in our approach to marriage and gender roles. I'm glad it's both of us, because, you know, if it were just me, that could be awkward! ;)

5. Wes informed me that Karl Barth was actually a complementarian, so the placement of the letters is fitting. Who knew?


*kirstin* said...

The color-coded books are the first thing that stuck out to me. :) I'm glad you're semi-getting your wish. Love you! :)

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