Monday, April 9, 2012

Five things you should know about me today:

1. We are having second thoughts about our moving decision. But this Friday we will know FOR SURE, and I feel like throwing a party to celebrate. A party with lots of alcohol. {Note: I don't even really like alcohol.} All of this indecision & back and forth has made me a c r a z y person. I just need some certainty in my life right now.

2. I think Zooey Deschanel is ridiculously adorable. Also? I want blunt bangs and I will never ever ever be brave enough to do it. Click through for photo source.

3. Tonight I watched the latest episode of Bones on cable. While it was airing. I honestly don't know the last time I watched a TV show "live." I watch everything on Netflix. I will be honest with you: I love TV. Movies? I could do without them. {Except, while we're being honest... Twilight. I love Twilight.} I think it's because I have a short attention span. 45 minutes of entertainment is just perfect. :)

4. I passed my test to be a Certified Apartment Manager! Woo hoo! The test was 200 questions; it took me the full 2.5 hours to complete. I didn't do as well as I had hoped... but I also didn't study. Like, at all. So I'm happy & relieved. The final piece to my CAM puzzle is a community analysis, which is a huge project. The thought of having to complete it before we {potentially? @&%^*#!!!} move is enough to make me even crazier than I already am.

5. I'll leave you with something pretty. This picture is my current desktop background. It's just so lovely! Click through for photo source.


Ashley said...

I think those bangs would be adorable on you, and if I was brave enough to do a pixie cut, you can do bold bangs!

Amanda said...

Aww I miss Bones.

Amanda said...

Who are you going to invite to this alcohol party?

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