Herb Garden

Thursday, May 3, 2012

{No editing for this photo; now that Picnik is gone, whatever will I do? I'm contemplating buying Photoshop Elements. I could use PicMonkey or something until I figure it out, I suppose. Thoughts? Suggestions?}

Mr. Thyme has some new friends. Namely, Mr. Basil, Mr. & Mrs. Parsley, and actually, a wife of his own. Yes, there are -- count them -- five potted plants sitting on my living room windowsill. Hubs loves it. I will love it when I can figure out where the ants are coming from & how to make them go away. I keep caulking their entry points, but they keep finding new ones. I will win... eventually. {Any bets on how many tubes of caulk I will go through in the process?}

Speaking of my dear hubs, he picked out a garden plot this year. [Village Manor has a huge garden with plots that residents can rent for the growing season -- it's really neat!] Apparently we are going to the Farmers' Market on Saturday morning so he can purchase a few plants. I'll keep you posted on this little adventure. I would love to have a garden... but I do not trust myself to keep anything alive. Hopefully he does a much better job than I would!


Amanda said...

I love it!

I hope your garden is more successful than ours ever was. just keep weeding. And weeding. Daily. Ha!

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