High {Five} for Friday

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hey girl. Whatcha doin'?

1. My new favorite {or at least currently-being-watched} TV series is New Girl. I think I've mentioned this before, but I totally have a girl crush on the Deschanel sisters. I love Emily on Bones and now Zooey on New Girl. Such a cute show. Such cute sisters. Click through for photo source.

2. My boss and I interviewed two people yesterday for the leasing position at Village Manor. They were both good; it will be a tough choice. I am so ready for some help & am looking forward to a refreshing change of pace at work!

3. I'm always on the hunt for a perfect hand cream. My hands are always dry/cracked/hurty, probably because of my love for cleaning -- they're always in water. {This is also why I never have pretty nails!} So far, out of everything I've ever tried, Aveda Hand Relief wins. I haven't bought any in a while because I'm cheap... but I just might have to splurge soon. It's so smooth, smells wonderful, and isn't greasy. Gold Bold Ultimate lotion is a close second... it doesn't smell as good, though. But it's definitely cheaper! Do you have a favorite hand cream?

4. I want to go on a vacation. More than that: I want to be a teacher & have the whole summer off. Can you imagine?! {If you are a teacher, I suppose you can!} As it stands now, vacations aren't fun for me. All I can think about is how much work is piling up while I'm away & how awful it will be when I get back. But when you're a teacher, your job literally stops for the whole summer. STOPS. I want that!!! I'm so jealous.

{Ahem: calm down, teachers. I know your job is hard and you probably do work during the summer since you have to lesson plan/grade/prepare new course material and all of that. I'm just saying I'm jealous of the solid three-month break you get from your "office." Mmkay?}

5. Remember this post? I still drink a BBV smoothie every morning for breakfast. I'm on my second bag of shake mix & I'm getting ready to purchase a third. I pretty much always make a chocolate-banana smoothie, though... I don't really mix it up anymore. They're just so good & I don't get tired of that flavor. Sometimes I throw peanut butter in there for fun. But it's turned into such a great breakfast for me: fast to make, easy to take to work, filling & super tasty. Love.

Today is Friday, y'all. TGIF. Have a fabulous day!

PS: If you use Blogger, how do you like the new changes? So far they are super annoying to me. See how #2 is indented? I have no idea why. I can't fix it. And every time I edit this post, I have to come back in and delete "amp;" after all of the ampersands because Blogger inserts them. Argh!


Kim said...

If it makes you feel better, rarely do teachers have the whole summer off. At most teachers have 10 weeks (which I know, is still a lot) but that is peppered with professional development, retreats, planning for the next year, etc. AND it's unpaid. I do collect a paycheck over the time off, but I only earn money for 9 months of the year. If I got paid all summer I'd make between 10 and 20,000 more a year. To top it off, I am (admittedly voluntarily) working summer school. But that is because I want the extra paycheck. I'm not knocking my job at all! I'm definitely aware we get more time off than most. But it does have its downside. :)

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