Dining Room Thoughts

Monday, June 18, 2012

This is very much the kind of dining-room style I have in mind. {The whole thing is beautiful, but I'm talking table and chairs.} Click through for source; originally discovered here.

I really like the mixing of contemporary white chairs with a dark wood table. That table is adorable and would fit in our apartment, but I really would prefer a table with a leaf. That's the one good thing about our current table -- it's pretty small without the leaf, but can accommodate 6-8 when it's in.

I'm kind of thinking about painting or staining my current table. I don't mind the shape of it, I just hate the cherry color. The chairs, however, have got to go. They just make the whole operation seem bulky/heavy in such a small space. But who is going to buy six dining-room chairs on craigslist if a table isn't included? That's why I'm kind of avoiding "working with what I have" in this situation. I also fear not liking the finished result and, again, having a hard time getting rid of everything if I've messed the table up.

Ok. Those are my dining-room thoughts right now. Do you have any of your own?

PS: Yes, I should've hyphenated "dining room" in the post title, but I didn't like the way it looked [as a title, anyway]. When I was in fifth grade, I got points counted off a paper I wrote because I insisted on breaking the rules and beginning sentences with "and" and "but." I said, "I know I'm breaking a rule, but it's okay, because it's a stylistic decision." My teacher said, "That's nice, but you're in fifth grade -- you don't get to make stylistic decisions right now." I think it's high time I had that option, don't you? ;)


Kelly Irene said...

Definitely try selling the chairs solo. We've sold a few things we would never buy on CL and been surprised with the results!
Yes make your own stylistic choices.
I miss you.

*kirstin* said...

I love that you told your teacher that! :)

Amanda said...

What do your chairs look like?

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