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Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm not sure, but I think today might've been my first Friday off since late April. {Well, I've had a few off when we've traveled, but that's hardly a typical day off, ya know?} April. It's now July. It's been a long few months.

I've mentioned before how Fridays off are good for my well being. Having one extra day off just makes such an extreme difference in my life, and today has been no exception. I've gotten a lot accomplished: cleaning, errands, reading, cooking... and tomorrow is Saturday! It's so beautiful! I can be productive and relax and actually feel like I got a break from work. It's hard to explain how amazing it is.
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Things are slowly getting better at work, but I'm still pretty stressed & extremely busy. Over dinner on Thursday I said to Wes, "Do you remember a time when I was happy? Because I don't."

That's sad.

Really, it's been a rough summer. One of the roughest I remember. I've been overwhelmed and exhausted and spent for most of it... lonely and tired and feeling like the amount of heart and soul and energy I've put into my job can't be repaid by a bi-monthly deposit in my bank account. I've felt a little like I've sold my soul, to tell you the truth. Everyone keeps saying it will get better... I'm clinging to that.

But today helped, it really did. I should be back into my every-Friday-off routine now, and Wes promises I will notice a difference. Today was really nice, so I hope he's right!

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt homemade Clif bars with my friend Amanda, so that should be fun. We're using a Village Manor friend's recipe modification. I hope they turn out! The rest of the weekend should be quiet -- just the way I like it. We're going to see our dear friends Joe & Kirstin {and their littles, Verity and Felicity} on Sunday -- I can't wait! They moved to Michigan in October, and I miss them a lot.

A few other random Beth updates:

::I am on a waiting list for a puppy! I probably won't get her until Christmas, but what a great present she will be! Names on our short list are: Lucy, Sophie, Mollie, and Allie. Wes will tell you Mollie and Allie aren't on the short list, but he's wrong. Mollie is a name combination of our childhood puppies: Muffy, my Yorkie, and Ollie, his Westie. Cute, right?! {He doesn't think so.} Allie sounds like Alice, in honor of my beloved Grammy. Wes thinks it's terrible to name a DOG {that's how he says it} after my Grammy. I say I will love my puppy! {that's how I say it} so very much, kind of the way I love Grammy. I think it's totally appropriate.

::I washed some of our throw-pillow cases today, and they look terrible now. I am going to have to break out the iron tomorrow, I guess. I hate to iron... I don't even know why I own one. {For times such as these, I suppose.}

::After five years in Louisville, I got a library card & checked out a book. {Speaking of Grammy -- she'd be so disappointed that it took me this long!} I'm reading the second book in this series. It's good! And speaking of books, all this hype about 50 Shades of Grey is crazy. I'll be honest -- everyone saying I shouldn't read it just makes me want to read it. Yes: I'm rebellious like that.

::When my mom was in town, she cleaned our oven as part of our anniversary* present. Best gift ever. She did such a good job! I have been dreading cleaning it and was actually planning to pay someone to do it. She said that no amount of money would've been worth it... basically, I'm lucky that she loves me. I'm sure it's now 100x cleaner than it was when we moved in! I promptly went out and bought an oven liner so it never gets that bad again.

::Fridays off mean I actually have time & energy to blog. :) Kinda wordy tonight -- trying to make up for my radio silence, perhaps?

*Five years with Wesley Crouser! I'm a lucky girl.


Amanda said...

I just read this after our Clif bar date! I had fun cooking with you/watching you cook and clean my floors!

In Definition said...

glad you blogged. b/c you've been on my to-email short list...but with no success. hope monday is more welcome after a 3 day weekend!


Ashley said...

I'm glad you got your oven cleaned! Cleaning it really is a pain; I rarely cleaned mine (maybe twice in the year we had it?) and it still made me really, really appreciate the self-cleaning oven we got.

And I've thought about making my own bars of some sort. I go through them so quickly at home, I think it would just be economical to make them myself. But I don't like the peanut butter ones (I'm not a peanut butter fan, really), and it's harder to make your own bars without it. How did yours turn out?

I'm glad you're feeling better, friend. Love!

*kirstin* said...

I bought the first book in that series based on you starting the second. For 2.99, you can't go wrong. :)

It was SO good to see you this weekend. I hate that it was so short. You all are seriously welcome to come visit. Let me know some times that work and we can figure something out. Miss you, friend!

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