Domestic Success Friday

Friday, July 13, 2012

Well, today has been a day of domestic success in the Crouser household. But sadly, no -- it doesn't involve the fudge I posted on Wednesday!

I didn't feel great today, and when that happens I usually decide to get some not-so-fun chores out of the way. I mean, if I'm already feeling lousy, I might as well scrub the shower, right? I'm not going to feel any better if I just lay around {although believe me, I did plenty of that, too!}. So I did scrub the shower & clean the bathroom. I did a bunch of dishes... boring. Then I decided to do a little experiment.

I've bemoaned on facebook before that I hate pit stains. Wes wears white t-shirts every day under his normal shirts, and as time goes by they acquire awful yellow armpit stains & begin to smell terrible. Seriously, there are few things worse than opening up your dryer, expecting to smell clean clothes & fabric softener, and smelling BO instead. Very sad.

So when I saw this on Pinterest, you'd better believe I was intrigued. This afternoon, I mixed up some peroxide, Dawn dish soap, and baking soda, and started an episode of Dawson's Creek. I scrubbed every dirty shirt in our hamper, as well as the bottom of all of our not-so-white socks. It wasn't the most fun 30 minutes I've ever experienced, but you know what?


The clothes aren't totally dry yet, but they do NOT smell, and they are so much whiter than before! I'm so, so excited. I know this means I'm old and boring, but I can't help it. I hate buying t-shirts all the time. Not only do I hate spending money on boring things like t-shirts, but I hate the waste associated with throwing the old shirts away {even if I can use them for cleaning cloths}.

Sorry, no pictures. But I can show you a picture of my next domestic success:

I bought a KitchenAid stand mixer today! This is proof that good can come out of that little ticker that tells you what everyone else is doing on facebook. I saw that my friend girl Casey commented on a coupon page thanking them for posting a deal on a KitchenAid mixer. So I clicked over to the deal myself. $174 later, I became the proud owner of this little mixer. Not that I have any counter space to put it on in my tiny Village Manor kitchen... but oh well!

Oh, and I got back $30 in Kohl's cash and around $12 back through Ebates. Not too shabby for a mixer that's normally $300, right? I'm calling it an early birthday present to myself.

I don't know that I can take much more domestic success today. I'm pretty sure the rest of my night involves laying around... and more than a few episodes of Dawson's Creek. :) Hope your Friday has been happy!


Ashley said...

I've always wanted a stand mixer. I tell myself that I would bake more if I had one ... and then I realize that that's probably a lie. I am jealous, though!

*kirstin* said...

You will love your mixer! :) I wish we lived in the same town so we could watch Dawson's Creek together. Instead I beg Joe to watch it with me when he is home from work and he makes fun of me the whole time. :(

Amanda said...

I definitely bake more than I would if I did not have my stand mixer! A great purchase!

Amanda said...

PS: I am going to try that peroxide thing, for sure. But you should also try Shaklee Laundry Booster.

Kari said...

Love your new mixer! We should have a baking day! :)

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