It's Easy Being Green: Five Things

Monday, August 20, 2012

I was thinking over the weekend about my goal to become more and more "green." Actually, that adjective kind of annoys me, so I'm not sure why I used it. I just mean that I want my life to be more sustainable and less disposable -- in many aspects.

I've recently become a huge fan of Method products. It all started with their clementine all-purpose cleaner, which I got for less than $1 at Target several months ago with coupons. It's awesome. It makes me want to clean even more than I usually do. :) From there I purchased their hand soap for our bathroom & kitchen. Last week I purchased their laundry detergent for the first time, and it's great. I purchased their fabric softener & tub cleaner this past weekend, but I haven't tried those yet. So yes, I'm officially a huge Method fan. I love their greenskeeping company philosophy. Also: it didn't hurt that had printable $1-off coupons that I used to buy all of those products!

Speaking of coupons: over the weekend, Wes & I dropped by Target to buy some laundry detergent for his dorm room. {Ahem... buying things for your husband's dorm room is really hilarious. More on that later.} I was happy to discover that Target was running a sale on Methold laundry detergent -- $3 off -- and I had a $1-off coupon! Not only that, but I had just purchased the same bottle of detergent five days prior, and I had the receipt in my purse. The customer-service desk cheerfully refunded the $3 difference & told me about their 14-day price guarantee. Hooray for good deals (and saving receipts)!

Anyway. The point of this post was not to advertise for Method, although I'm happy to do so. It was actually to share five simple changes I've made recently to live a more sustainable life:

1. Use cloth grocery bags. 

They hold more, they're easy to carry -- and if you keep them in the trunk of your car, you won't forget them. {If I do forget to take them in a store, I put my stuff back in the cart after purchasing it, take the cart to my car, and bag my stuff there.} Also, most stores give you a discount for using your own bags!

2. Keep an empty, clean to-go cup in my car.

I know it's terrible, but I just love fountain soda. This way I don't have to take styrofoam -- or even plastic -- cups from Thornton's, McDonald's -- wherever I happen to stop for a diet-coke fix. Plus, a lot of places charge me "refill" prices when I use my own cup, which are way cheaper... and some places don't charge me at all!

3. Keep empty, clean to-go containers in my car.

I love taking my own tupperware into restaurants for my leftovers. I just keep the containers in my trunk and stick one in my purse when I walk in a restaurant. I am really not a fan of styrofoam. It doesn't preserve leftovers well, which makes them gross to eat & also makes my refrigerator smell. Servers are always amazed that I have my own container. I don't know why more people don't do this!

4. Keep a cloth napkin or handkerchief in my purse.

This means I don't have to wipe my hands on rough, disposable paper towels in public restrooms that don't have nice Xlerator dryers.

5. Replace paper with cloth in the home: cloth napkins, cloth rags... and, yes, cloth toilet paper.

We use cloth all the time in the kitchen and for meals. I do buy select-a-size paper towels that we use occasionally, but that's more for preserving vegetables than anything. We use cloth napkins at the dinner table & cloth rags to clean up in the kitchen. And cloth toilet paper? It's great: easy, cheap, and quite comfortable. :) 

Maybe you can adopt even one of those ideas in your own day-to-day life. Or even better -- share an idea of your own with me!


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