Motivation: Bathroom Redo

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I need to get motivated, you guys. It all started with my friend Katy & seeing how productive she was over the weekend. That needs to be me!

I bought paint samples for our bathroom on July 17th... over a month ago. Three cute little samples. They're still siting in my linen closet, waiting to get painted on the wall so I can make a decision.

After I decide on a paint color, I want to take alllll the hardware off my bathroom wall. Down with the towel bars and the toilet-paper holder. I'm even taking down my medicine cabinet! It's all super old and gross. I'm going to buy new hardware and install it. But first I'm going to patch the walls so everything looks nice once the new paint goes up. I might have to ask for help with that part, as the walls are plaster, and I might need a professional to skim coat any damaged areas.

I'm also going to paint the ceiling. I asked for it to be painted a couple of years ago, and a contractor painted it the same cream color as the walls. Note: it pays to be clear. I wanted it to be painted with ceiling white, like it was before. This time I'll just do it myself. :) This will also be a good opportunity to take down the fan vent and clean it really well.

So in sum, this is my basic to-do list. Picking the paint color will be the easy part! Now if I can only get motivated to tackle at least that step this weekend....


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