Whirlpool Cabrio

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Check out the newest additions to our little apartment! photo source

This Whirlpool Cabrio set was a birthday gift from my very generous mom. She even drove them to me from Morgantown! They were hers first, so they are just new to me, but she didn't have them very long. {She decided not long after purchasing them that she really wanted front loaders.}

Apparently the Cabrio series uses 74% less water and 76% less energy per load. I love that. But you know what I really love? The washer has no agitator! Which means it's huge! I can do so much laundry at once. So I don't feel the need to do laundry constantly, and that is fantastic.

Oh, and get this: the washer is so fancy that I don't have to choose a water level. It senses how full the washer is and picks the level for me. Nice!

Even better: our old washer and dryer each found a new home in Village Manor. There was kind of a dramatic story with the dryer, but suffice it to say: all's well that ends well. My sweet Grammy gifted those appliances to us when we got married, so it was sweet to be able to pass that gift on. Speaking of Grammy, her birthday is coming up. She would be turning 89 next Wednesday. {Happy early birthday, Grammy! I miss you.}

New appliances even make laundry kind of fun... but I'm sure that novelty won't last long. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, though. :) Thanks again for the amazing gift, momma!


Amanda said...

We got an awesome new washer too, with no agitator and it is super energy efficient. It actually uses such a small amount of water that unfortunately I have to do some pretty weird things to "strip" our diapers, but it's all good and worth it.

Washing Machine Warranty said...

Nice invention by whirlpool in the field of Washing machine, best thing which attract me is 74% less water and 76% less energy per load. It was amazing feature.

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