DIY Fail

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well, it's been confirmed. I just don't like DIY. I'd rather someone else DIFM [do it for me]! But even then, problems arise. Apparently this is just part of the game when it comes to home improvement, even though John & Sherry make it look so easy!

I had my bathroom painted last weekend after taking down all of the fixtures (towel bars, medicine cabinet, toilet-paper holder, etc). That's pretty much when the trouble started:

--The grey paint I chose reads blue on the walls. Not necessarily a bad thing, just surprising.

--There were problems affixing the new toilet-paper holder to the wall. So the holes had to be mudded {yes, over the pretty new paint job} and the holder re-hung. But I wasn't home when it was hung... and I don't like the placement. It's also not level. Third time's a charm?

--While installing a new faucet, a pipe broke... in the wall. A plumber was called. There is now a hole in my bathroom wall... and my neighbor's bathroom wall. Oops?

Clearly I should've done these things before I had the bathroom painted!

On the bright side, I am hopeful that I've found a friend who can obtain a discount on a pretty {and very overpriced} new shower curtain. And I do like the new fixtures... if we can ever get them installed properly. :) Oh, and I'm looking for a print for above the toilet. I really like this one:

Now if I just had a dog!

Oh, and for my last home-improvement fail, the cute chairs I bought from Target are too small for my table. Exhibit A, captured quickly with my iPhone last night:

Sad face. I might try to paint the chairs I have white... but I'm going to have to muster up the energy -- and courage -- first. I can't handle another DIY [or DIFM] disappointment right now. :)

Home improvement is not for the weak at heart!


Ashley said...

I think it's funny that both of our last blog posts are about DIY fails. Funny ... or sad.

katygirl said...

we had to try 6 grays before we settled on one! that is the hardest color to choose. the only reason i settled on it is because i went to the counter and had them make my own formula. ;)

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