Girls' Weekend

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thursday night I embarked on a journey to West Virginia, and Friday I was reunited with two dear friends from college. The last time we were together was several years ago (3+, I think, sadly!), and it was just Jenn, Jessi, and me. Now there is Jenn +1, Jessi +3, and me. [Please note that I am almost a +1, as I am very hopeful to have a puppy in early 2013! (!!!) More on that later; I promise.]

It has been so fun to get together with these girls this weekend -- and with perfect timing to celebrate Jenn's birthday, no less. With Jessi residing in Africa, me in Kentucky, and Jenn in West Virginia, to say we have a hard time getting together is an understatement.

I've been struck this weekend about how much things change... but how much they stay the same. I'm grateful for friendships that endure through time and distance. These girls will forever be a part of my heart. Love you, J&J!


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