Our Family of Three: Meet Lucy!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My last post was about a puppy, and this post is about a puppy. The difference being that my last post was about a puppy that is not mine...!

Well, I guess she's not mine yet. But in case you missed my facebook announcement, her name is Lucy:

That's what she looked like two weeks ago when she was 6.4 oz. Today, she looks like this and is tipping the scales at a whole pound!

My doctor recommended an animal for emotional support, especially during this crazy season of life when my hubs travels a lot & all of my friends have moved away. {I know, I have to stop using that excuse soon and make new friends... but it's easier said than done! How do busy adults meet people, anyway?}

So yes... I'm going to be a mom! I got a potty-training book for Christmas & have decided to "cloth diaper" (with the help of this and these). I'm honing my mommy skills & am excited and scared. :) We can visit her at the end of this month and will bring her home sometime around Valentine's day (hubs gets an easy out this year!). Check out this little stocking stuffer from my mom for Christmas. It makes me happy at work.

Welcome, Lucy. We love you already!


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