Something I Did & Something I'd Like To Do

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I've had a pretty quiet weekend. It's been nice, especially after a long work week.

I think reality will start to set in this week -- the reality of being lonely. I promise I won't complain forever, but I need a minute, okay? My hubs goes back to school on Tuesday, and I've gotten used to having him home. My bestie, Kari, starts her new job in Seattle tomorrow & officially no longer lives right down the road. I no longer have a workout routine. The friends I do have left are busy people. It's just a strange, quiet time of life.

I'm hoping Lucy will be able to come home this Friday, but I haven't heard back from the breeder. I am getting anxious. She turned 8 weeks old yesterday. I haven't seen a picture since we visited at 5 weeks & I took my own {well, Wes took it, actually}. See how happy I am? :)

I am counting on her {hopefully soon} arrival to cheer me up!
Anyway, this is not supposed to be a complaining post. Here is something I did tonight after I painted my nails:

I don't iron much -- at all, really -- but every few weeks I iron my eye-makeup-remover cloth pads. When they come out of the dryer they're rolled up in little balls. Not very conducive to what I need them to do. I got them on etsy, if you're interested. I love finding little ways to reduce waste in my life. This has been a good solution to minimizing my use of cotton pads from Target.

Anyway, I've been browsing Pinterest tonight, which I don't often do, and here is something I'd like to do.
click through for source

It seems somewhat complicated, especially because I don't have a laminator. I actually get stuff laminated for work fairly often, though, so if they're not expensive, maybe I'll look into getting one for my office. It looks like she sells the labels ready-to-go for $4 each, which seems expensive, but so is the label paper you have to buy. Hmm. I'd start with two: flour and sugar.

So that's what I have for you this Sunday night. Something I did, and something I'd like to do. Neither are exciting, really -- but life isn't always, right? I can't take a Caribbean cruise every week. Just keeping it real.


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