What's Normal, Anyway? Earring Edition.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I have a confession: I'm just a teensy bit OCD. You're shocked, right?! ;) It doesn't necessarily demonstrate itself in crazy compulsions, like having to wash my hands a lot or walking around my bed three times before I take a nap. It just demonstrates itself in somewhat-out-of-the-ordinary compulsions like feeling the need to clean my earrings, you know, almost every time I wear them.

What? That's not normal?

Well, my bestie says it's not... I'm taking a poll. Anyone else care about earlobe hygiene?



Kari said...

Not normal :)

Lauren P. said...

I used to have to do that, because my ears would get infected so easily and I was very faithful about washing them. Now that my ears are healthy...I hardly ever clean them haha. Sorry Beth!

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