Growing Up

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sweet little Lucy went to the groomer for the second time today. Here's a side by side of her first and second grooming. Sorry for the somewhat blurry picture(s) -- she doesn't like to sit (or stand) still. :)

I like her face much better in the first picture. I'm not a huge fan of how stark they cut her face this time.  But her hair will grow out, and now I have a frame of reference for what I'm (not) looking for when she makes her third visit.

But no matter what hairstyle she sports --

-- isn't she adorable?!

I'm so lucky to have her!

{I haven't made time for my blog in a while, but I do have some updates for you. I cut my bangs (!) and bought a new dining-room table, so my countermeasures are well underway. My dear friend Emma is coming in town this weekend to participate in the Color Run with me, so that will merit a few pictures, no doubt. More to come!}


Amanda said...

I can't believe her morning fur! LOL she is SOO cute!

Kari said...

Adorable no matter what hairstyle :)

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