Five for Friday

Friday, August 30, 2013

FRIDAY. Is there really anything else that needs to be said? If so, let me think of 5 things:

1. I made this print for my friend Lori for her birthday. It was the first thing I made using Photoshop, actually. I put it in a cute white frame & she said she liked it. :) I think it has that quality of when your child first starts coloring in the lines, you know? It could be so much better, but I'm still kind of charmed by it. My very first print!

2.We are going to the movies tonight. We never go to the movies. I'm just not impressed by theaters! It's expensive, and you never know who's going to be around you. People making out, people on their cell phones, people who breathe loudly, etc. Anyway, we have free tickets, so we're going to see Closed Circuit. The trailer looked good, although I really had no clue what was happening when I watched it. Hopefully I don't feel that way while watching the movie!

3. I am painting my new dining-room chairs this weekend. My friend Natalie is going to help me. I'm excited! They will be grey. Perhaps two different shades of grey; I'm not sure. I have never spray painted anything before, so I hope it's as easy as everyone says it is.

4. Wes starts his third semester of PhD coursework next week. He has a decent schedule -- he'll only be gone Tuesday night through Thursday night. And I mean night -- I have to pick him up from the bus station at almost midnight on Thursdays! Now that is love. At least I don't work on Fridays (starting back to that schedule next week -- woo hoo!).

5. Lucy is as cute as ever. She'll be turning 9 months old next month, which is hard to believe. We've had her for not quite seven months now, and it seems like she's always been our little girl. Love that poochie!

That's all I have for you. Have wonderful long weekend!


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